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Printing Options in Olin and Uris Libraries

Net-Print | Large Format Printing | Copy Card | Your Laptop

There are a number of printing options available in Olin and Uris Libraries. Both libraries are equipped with several networked Net-Print printers and a networked VendaCard Printing Station. Both libraries also have a color Net-Print printer.

Net-Print: (Cost: 9 cents per page b/w, 25 cents per page for color)
Olin and Uris Libraries are equipped with several networked Net-Print printers. To use Net-Print, you must first obtain an account.

  1. Go to How to Obtain an Account
  2. Once you have a Net-Print account, you can initiate the print command.
  3. Under File, choose Print. (For items available in PDF Adobe Acrobat, choose the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat frame)
  4. In the print window, use the pull-down menu to choose Olin Library Net-Print 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 or Uris Lib Main Floor Net-Print 1, 2, or 3.

Net-Print Printer Locations

Olin Library:

  • The Net-Print printers (1, 2, 3, 4,  and 5 [color]) and the VendaCard Printer are located in the Printing Support Center on the first floor. Olin Library Media Net-Print 6 is in the Media Center on the Lower Level of Olin Library.

Uris Library:

  • Uris Lib Dean Room Net-Print 1 is in the Dean Room, directly across from the circulation desk.
  • Uris Lib Dean Room Net-Print 2 (color) is the color printer located next to Net-Print 1.
  • Uris Lib Dean Room Net-Print 3 is in the North Alcove of the Dean Room.

Large Format Printing

  • Olin Library offers a plotting service for large scale printing. Please visit our plotter page for more details: Olin Library Plotter Page.

Copy Card-operated laser printers: (Cost: 10 cents per page, b/w only)

  • A networked Copy Card-operated laser printer is also available for those users who are unable to set up a Net-Print account. To use the Copy Card-operated printer, follow these steps:
  1. Under File, choose Print.
  2. In the Name drop-down menu, choose BWLetter (for single-sided printing) or BWLetterDuplex (for double-sided printing), then click 'Print'.
  3. In the next window, type in a name for your job then press 'Send to Server'. The name you type in here will be the name that identifies your job on the Copy Card Printer's Terminal.
  4. Go to the Copy Card Printing workstation. In Olin, the Copy Card Printing workstation is located in the Printing Support Center on the first floor. In Uris it is located in the North Alcove of the Dean Room.
  5. Press the 'Print Release Station' button on the task selection screen to bring up a list of submitted print jobs. (If the submitted print job list is already displayed, skip this step.)
  6. At the Copy Card Station, select the print job that matches the name you entered in step #3, then click the 'Print' button on the lower right corner of the screen.
  7. A window will pop-up soliciting your Cornell Copy Card.  Insert the Copy Card in the card reader next to the printer.  Press the 'OK' button to begin printing your document.

How to Buy a Copy Card:

  • In Olin Library, there are two Copy Card dispensers-- one in room 402 (take the elevator to the 4th floor and turn left) and one on the Lower Level (go down the stairs near the Libe CafĂ©, and turn right)
  • In Uris Library, there is a Copy Card dispenser in the Dean Room (beyond the Circulation Desk and around the corner to the microfiche area).

Note: The cost of a card is $1.00. To purchase a card, insert $1.00 in the Copy Card dispenser/encoder.  No matter how much money you put in, you will receive blank card from the bottom slot. Re-insert the card into the top slot to add the escrow amount to it. More detailed instructions are posted next to each of the Copy Card dispensers.

Because Copy Cards are easy to leave behind, it's a good idea to sign the back of the card.


Printing from your personal laptop:

To print to a Net-Print printer from your laptop, download and install the Net-Print software on your computer.  Each printer on campus has a different driver, so it's best to select the printer(s) you are likely to use most often.

For instructions on how to install the software on your personal laptop, go to:

(Printing from your laptop requires use of the Net-Print system.  Copy card printing cannot be done from your laptop.)


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