Building Use Policies

Food & Beverages

In Olin, all food consumption is restricted to the Amit Bhatia Libe Café or the second floor lounge. In Uris, food is allowed only in the Tower Lounge on the third level of the Stacks. This is necessary to protect the Library's collections, furnishings, and equipment from damage.

Beverages are allowed in Olin, Kroch Asia and Uris Library, but they must be in a container with a lid that closes securely. 

Cell Phones

Please be courteous in your use of cell phones in the library. Refrain from phone conversations in the quiet zones and have your ringer turned off while in the library. There are designated cell phone zone spaces throughout the buildings-in the stairwells, cafes, elevator lobbies, and between the double door entrance to Olin.

Space Saving

Space cannot be saved by leaving belongings. Please be considerate. Other patrons may move your belongings aside if left unattended for more than 15 minutes, and library staff cannot be responsible for the security of unattended items.


Smoking is prohibited in the libraries and within 25 feet of the entrances to both Olin and Uris Libraries.

Use of Library Public Spaces

Olin and Uris Libraries have non-classroom public spaces that are occasionally utilized for library events. For more information, see Use of Olin & Uris Library Public Spaces.

Permission to Film/Photograph in Library Facilities

For all photo and film shoots (i.e. student projects, wedding or engagement photos), specific permission from Library Administration is required in advance. If library staff have not been notified, you will be asked to provide evidence of permission to photograph or film. For more information, see Use of Olin & Uris Library Public Spaces.

For information on borrowing policies for various groups see: Circulation Policies