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Olin Library Locker Policy


A.    Eligibility

  1. Only currently registered Cornell University graduate students are eligible

  2. Per availability, exceptions may be made for any Cornell student or visiting scholar with a disability or a research need

  3. Existing locker holders who become unregistered must give up their locker

B.    Applications

  1. Complete and submit a New Application web form anytime

  2. Wait at least two (2) weeks for your New Application to be processed

  3. New Applications are processed in the order they are received

C.    Assignments

  1. Locker assignments are made per availability. New Assignments cannot be changed (See section E below about Transfers)

  2. New applicants receive an email notification when the locker assignment is ready

  3. There is a one time non-refundable, non-transferable fee of $20.00 for a Locker in Olin Library, payable by check, cash or credit card through the Library Public Services Office

  4. New Assignments must be picked up in 116 Olin Library during regular business hours (Mon-Thurs 8:30am-4:30pm and Fri 8:30am-3:30pm). Students have two (2) weeks to pick up their assignment

  5. The combination for the locker is enclosed in the new assignment packet. The library issued lock must remain on the locker AT ALL TIMES

D.    Renewals

  1. Lockers must be renewed online every Fall and Spring semester to allow uninterrupted use of the locker (no charge for renewal)

  2. Renewal reminders are delivered to locker holders by email prior to the start of each semester

  3. Complete and submit a Renewal web form during a Renewal period

  4. There is no fee to renew

  5. A Transfer may be requested (see section E below)

E.    Transfers

  1. Select to Transfer your locker assignment on the Renewal web form during a Renewal period. Use the text box provided on the form to describe your transfer request (ex. "4th floor” or “locker on top” etc.)

  2. Once the Renewal period has ended, Transfers will start being processed

  3. Transfer requests are fulfilled in the order they are received and are subject to availability

    • If a Transfer is denied, the existing carrel is renewed for that semester

    • If a Transfer is granted, Circulation staff will move all locker contents and the lock to the new locker

F.    Clearing a Locker

  1. LOCKS SHOULD REMAIN ON THE LOCKER AT ALL TIMES - even when clearing. DO NOT RETURN LOCKS to 116 Olin Library - Renewal forms have an option to clear the locker. This may be submitted throu gh the web form, and the locker will be cleared

  2. Lockers that are not renewed will be cleared. Personal items found in the locker are taken to 116 Olin Library’s Lost and Found

  3. If a locker holder becomes unregistered, then the locker will be cleared. Personal items found in the locker are taken to 116 Olin Library’s Lost and Found

G.    Maintaining the Locker

  1. See Olin Library Locker Procedures for more details

  2. NOT ALLOWED: any food items (even ones in sealed containers), uncharged library books, dangerous/illegal items, valuables in plain view

  3. Olin Library staff have access to your locker and are required to respect your privacy and the security of your items at all times. Locker holders will be notified by email when Olin Library staff are required to access your locker (in the event of a transfer or a clear).

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