Olin Mac 9 PC 10
Uris Mac 6 PC 10

Bike Repair Tool Kits

General Adjustment Tool Kit

Flat / Phillips Screwdriver
Cable Cutter
Headset Wreches
Torx Wrench
Allen Wrenches
Cone Wrenches


Wheel and Tire Tool Kit

Free Wheel Turner
Tire Lever
Crank Puller
Chain Brush
Chainring Nut Wrench
8mm /10mm & 12mm /
14mm spanners
Spoke Wrenches
Patch Kit


Bottom Brackets, Brakes and Shifters, Pedals, Cranks Tool Kit

Cartridge bottom bracket tool
Bottom bracket wrench
Dust cap wrench
Pedal remover
8 notch cartridge bottom bracket
Freewheel remover


Chain Tool Kit

Chain Scrubber
Chain Wear Indicator
Adjustable Chain Remover
General Purpose Grease