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Charging Materials to a Faculty Research Space

What can be charged to a research space?

  • Regular loan items from Olin, Kroch, Uris and the Library Annex may all be charged to the research space. A few flyers can be found in your assignment packet to get you started, ask at the circulation desk if you need more. Please fill out the Salmon colored flyers with your name, research space number and call number of the item you want to charge out and leave the book on the desk top. 
  • If you come across a book without a barcode, Insert the two-part pink-colored faculty research space Index Card in the book (with both halves of the card intact and completely filled out) and leave the book on the desk top.  These are also available at Olin’s Circulation Desk.
  • Unbound periodicals and bound periodicals published more than twice per year, Reference books and books from Graduate Study rooms, may not be charged to the research space.

Charging Books

  • On your research space door is a plastic tab to be used whenever you have books to be charged out or picked up.  Simply turn the tab so that the red side faces out whenever you need service. The attendant will reverse the tab to white when finished. White indicates that no service is required.
  • The research space charges should be made as soon as materials are taken to the research space (unless you are planning to return them to the stacks the same day). Uncharged materials in the research space will be removed if not charged within 24 hours.
  • All books in the research space must either be:
    • Charged to the research space using the appropriate Salmon colored charge flyer’s
    • Charged to home use with a yellow “home use charge” flyer in them, or
    • Personal copies with a green “personal copy” flyer in them

All flyers must be clearly visible within each item and are available at either Olin’s Circulation desk or from an attendant.

  • All research space charges are unit charged, i.e., each individual volume of a multi-volume monograph set must be charged separately.
  • Books may not be transferred from one research space to another or from a research space charge to home use, without changing the charge record at the Circulation Desk. Remember that books charged to a research space have not been desensitized.
  • Books may be taken from a research space only by staff members of the Access Services Department for use by another reader or for reserve use.  Books recalled by another reader will be taken after one week’s notification; they will be returned only if the research space holder indicates by checking the appropriate box on the recall notice before the book is picked up from the space.  Books may also be paged for use in the building–these will always be returned.  Please be aware that books required for reserve will not be returned to the research space.
    A note of explanation will always be left in the research space whenever books are removed for any purpose.

Returning books

  • When you have finished using a book that is charged to the research space, reverse the charge flyer so that it reads “Return to Circulation”, and leave the book on the desk.  Turn the door tab to the red side.  The book will be picked up and discharged by a member of the Access Services Department.

If you share your research space with a colleague, please use separate shelves to store your books and organize your materials in semi-call number order so that accurate records of what is charged in your research space can be maintained.

Thank you for your assistance.

Please be aware of our faculty research space policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact