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Charging Materials to a Kroch Locked Carrel

What can be charged to a carrel?

Materials that CAN be charged to a carrel

  • Olin Library regular loans
  • Kroch Library regular loans
  • Annex Library regular loans
  • Uris Library regular loans

Materials that CANNOT be charged to a carrel

  • Books from other Cornell libraries
  • Reference books
  • Books on permanent reserve (in Graduate Study Rooms) or on short-term reserve
  • Periodicals (3-day loan)
  • New & Noteworthy Books (2-week loan)
  • Interlibrary Loan and Borrow Direct books
  • Any media (DVD, CD, Audio tape, etc.)

Charging books

Charging Books That Have Barcodes

  • Use a pink Carrel Charge Slip
  • Fill out the carrel number, and the item’s call number (found on the book’s spine, ex. DA580 G62 1997) in the space available on the charge slip
  • Place the slip in the book and leave it in plain view on the desktop
  • The carrel attendant will stamp the book and the charge slip to indicate that it has been charged

Charging Books That Do Not Have A Barcode

  • Fill out pink carrel charge slip completely including the carrel number and the item’s call number ( found on the book’s spine, ex. DA580 G62 1997)
  • Place the slip in the book and leave it in plain view on the desktop.

General Charging Guidelines

  • Do not place books on the carrel shelf until the charge slips have been stamped/processed
  • Do not remove a charge slip from a charged book
  • Additional carrel charge slips are available at Olin’s Circulation Desk
  • Books that do not have completed carrel charge slips in them will be immediately returned to the stacks
  • Fill out separate charge slips for each individual volume of a multi-volume monographic set
  • Place charged books on the carrel shelf with call numbers and charge slips clearly showing. If possible, keep books in call number order- this helps us keep track of materials and provide better service
  • Please do not charge more books to your carrel than can fit on the shelves. Do not stack books on top of the carrel.
  • Books charged to carrels are automatically renewed as long as they have the charge slips in them – there are no late fees for books charged to carrels

Materials permitted in locked carrels

Books That You May Keep In Your Locked Carrel

  • Books charged to your personal library account (home use flyer)
  • Books charged to your carrel (Pink carrel charge flyer)
  • Books that you own (personal property flyer)

Transferring books

Transferring books from your personal ID account to the Carrel

  • Bring the books to the Olin Circulation Desk, where they will be sensitized
  • Take the books to the carrel and fill out the pink Carrel Charge Slip for each one. Place the slips inside the books and leave the books in your carrel.
  • The books will be checked out to your carrel by the library staff

Transferring charged materials to another carrel

  • Olin Library Circulation staff are the only persons authorized to move charged materials from one carrel to another – there are no exceptions!

Recalls and In-House Use (when books are removed from the carrel)

  • Olin Library Circulation staff are the ONLY persons authorized to remove charged materials from a carrel

If book is recalled by another reader:

  • A notice will be left in the carrel one week before the book is taken
  • The carrel holder may choose to have the book subsequently returned to the carrel- there is a box to check on the notice

If a book is recalled for course reserve:

  • A notice will be left, but the book will be removed immediately
  • The book will not be returned to the carrel

If a book is needed for in-house use:

  • Books may be paged for use in the building (they will not leave the library)
  • A notice will be left, and the book will be returned as soon as possible

Discharging books from the carrel

  • To return a book to the stacks, reverse the carrel charge slip so that it reads “Return to Circulation”
  • Leave the book in plain view on the carrel desktop
  • The book will be picked up and discharged by the carrel attendant


Security Issues

  • Please keep any valuables out of plain view at all times
  • Do not cover the carrel door