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Electronic Text Center

Hours: The ETC computers are available whenever Olin Library is open.


Olin Library, just outside the printing support center and behind the Olin reference desk.

Disks and manuals are shelved to the right and beyond the ETC computers. Please ask for help at the Olin Library reference desk, if needed. Individual consultations are available on the use of ETC resources: ask at the Olin reference desk or use our consultation form.


Titles in the ETC are listed here along with information about using them, online equivalents, etc.


  • -- Provide access to scholarly indexes, bibliographies, reference materials, and electronic text and multimedia documents from a set of dedicated workstations in the library and from the Center's list of titles
  • -- Work with librarians and Cornell faculty and students to identify, acquire, and organize electronic indexes, texts, and multimedia programs
  • -- Assist users through instruction, consultation, and demonstration of electronic resources


Michael Engle, Reference Librarian, moe1[at]
Devin Sanera, Instructional Technology Coordinator
Peter Campbell, Reference Assistant

Special thanks to the people who have staffed and supported the Center since it opened in October 1996:

Bob Kibbee, Virginia Cole, Lynn Thitchener, Paul McMillin, Fred Muratori, Jo Miller, Kara Doyle, Clay Chiment, Megan Perez, Ashley Lin, Sarah Benson, Johanna Kramer, David Rollenhagen, Jordi Sanchez-Marti, Ijeoma Iheanacho, Saurav Bhata, Laura Heisey, and Jenn Personius.

07/18/2014 - 12:46pm - moe1