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Borrowing and Returning Books

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Borrowing and Returning Books

  • What is the address for mailing books back? Mail books back to the Library Public Services Office, 116 Olin Library, 161 Ho Plaza, Cornell Univeristy, Ithaca, NY 14853.  We recommend you insure your package for $100 per item.  Please be sure your name and contact information are included with the returned materials.

  • What is a Hold or Recall request?  A Hold places a request for an item that is currently checked out; you will be notified when the book is returned by the borrower.  A Recall request also places a request for you, but generates a notice to the borrower to return the book within 9 - 14 days.

  • What is a Library-to-Library delivery request? This is a request to page a book from the stacks of one library and have it delivered it to another campus library of your choice. Turnaround time is usually 2 days.

  • What is the Borrow Direct service and how can I use it?  Borrow Direct is a service that allows you to borrow books for up to 12 weeks from the combined collections of eleven partner universities (over 50 million volumes).  Turnaround time is usually 4 days, and is often quicker than placing a recall.  More info...

  • How can I appeal a fine?  If you believe you were fined in error or that your fines should be waived due to special circumstances, please fill out an appeal form here.  The library will reply within a week of receiving your appeal.

  • How can I pay a fine?  Cash, check or credit card payments are accepted at the Library Public Services Office (; (607) 255-5069) and at Mann Library (; (607) 255-3296).  Cash or check payments are accepted at most other library circulation desks, but please contact them for details.

    To Mail in payments by check: 

  • please make checks payable to "Cornell University" 
  • include your ID number on the check and note what bills you are paying
  • include your contact information (name, phone number or email address)
    mail to: Library Public Services Office, 116 Olin Library, 161 Ho Plaza, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  14853

Visitor Privileges

  • I live in the area, can I check out books? Yes, if you obtain a guest borrower library card. More info...

  • Can Ithaca College students check out books?  Students of local area colleges are not eligible to check out books as guest borrowers, but may borrow from Cornell by placing an interlibrary loan request through their college library.

  • I am an alumnus/alumna of Cornell. Can I borrow books?  You may apply for a guest borrower library card to borrow books (fee applies).  More information...


Computing and Equipment

  • Do you have Macintosh computers? Mac workstations are located in the Uris Library Tower Lab.  Olin, Uris, and Mann libraries also have Mac laptops for loan.

  • Can I borrow a laptop charger?  Dell and Mac laptop chargers are available at the Olin and Uris circulation desks.

  • Where are photocopiers? Photocopiers are located in many areas of Olin and Uris Libraries.  More info....

  • Where can I make a transparency? You can make transparencies at the Copy Center located on the Basement level of Olin Library.

  • Besides laptops, what equipment do you have for loan? We have projectors, camcorders, tripods, digital cameras, voice recorders and Mac adapters for projectors. All equipment circulates from Uris Library for 24 hours; equipment may be reserved in advance or checked out without prior reservation (if available).  More information...

  • How do I report a problem with a wireless connection? Please contact CIT for assistance with Eduroam, Cornell University's wi-fi network service. Wi-fi connections throughout the Library can fluctuate momentarily for a wide variety of reasons.  If you experience a persistent inability to connect to the wireless network in a single location in Olin or Uris Library, please visit to provide the details needed to diagnose potential problems.


Carrels & Lockers

Carrels are available to registered Grad students; lockers are generally available to all registered students.  More information...


Building Info

  • What are the numbers over the Olin circulation desk? These are paging numbers. When Olin was a closed stack library, books had to be requested through a paging system.  Each request would receive a number; the number corresponding to the requested item would light up when the request was filled.  The system is no longer in use, but the numbers remain.

  • Do I need to show my ID to go into the stacks? No. However, all users of  university buildings and facilites are required to show identification if requested by a university official.

  • Where is Kroch Library?  Kroch Library is physically part of Olin Library; there is no separate entrance from the outside.  Upon entering Olin, walk straight along "tiger alley" (the long passageway with striped flooring) to reach Kroch, which houses our Asian materials.

  • Where are group study rooms located?  Room 302 in Olin Library is a reservable group study room.  Uris Library has 3 group study rooms located in the Cocktail Lounge, also available for reservation.

    Olin study space information | Uris study space information


Your Account

  • How do I change my mailing address?  Go to WhoIAm and follow the instructions under "edit information."

  • How do I renew my books?  Go to My Account, log in with your NetID and password, and check off the items you wish to renew.  If you are unable to renew, please contact the Library Public Services office for assistance.  If the office is closed (after 4:30pm Monday-Thursday, 3:30pm on Friday, and on weekends) please contact the Olin or Uris circulation desk and ask to speak with the supervisor.

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