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Olin Library’s Interlibrary Services Lending Unit processes requests for researchers outside the Cornell community.

For information on policies for Cornell students, faculty, and staff see Interlibrary Loan and Borrow Direct.

General Information

Lending Returnable Material

Submitting Requests

Scanning Service

General Policies

Special Orders

Affidavit requests

General Information

Interlibrary Services
Cornell University Library
B42 Olin Library
Ithaca, NY 14853-5301
Office Hours:

8:00 AM.- 5:00 PM. Monday – Thursday


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM – Friday








Online catalog:

Interlibrary Services in Olin Library coordinates the lending and reproduction of materials held in the following Cornell University libraries:

Africana Library

Kroch Library-Rare and Manuscript

Annex Library

Management Library

Fine Arts Library

Mathematics Library

Hotel Administration Library

Music Library

Industrial and Labor Relations Library

Olin Library

Kroch Library-Asia

Uris Library

Submission of Requests 

Cornell University is a supplier in OCLC. All requests made to Cornell University for loan of materials can be sent to the symbol COO in OCLC. If you are able to request by this method, we will not accept requests in any other form from your library. For OCLC borrowers, please visit the OCLC Policies Directory for further information.

If you do not have access to OCLC, you can submit a request through our Online Lending Request Form. We do not accept requests via phone, e-mail, mail, or fax.

General Policies

In billing situations, an invoice will be sent with material.

Requests lacking sufficient MAXCOST or “OK TO BILL” will be returned unsearched.

Acceptable methods of payment: check, IFLA vouchers, money order, or wire transfer. Prepayment is not accepted. Cornell coupons are not accepted.

Loans of material held in Rare/Special Collections provided at the discretion of the Division of Rare and Manuscripts. Rare material can only be loaned to libraries with a supervised Rare reading room. Must be last-resort supplier, please do not request if available elsewhere. Requests for reproductions of material held in Special Collections must be made via the RMC online registration and request system.

Lending Policies for Returnable material 

$20.00 per bibliographic title (up to 5 volumes or reels.)

4 weeks use

In addition to books, Olin Interlibrary Lending will loan:

  • Dissertations and theses
  • Most bound serials
  • Most A/V material
  • Most microfom

All material is subject to immediate recall.

Returnable items can only be loaned to other libraries, not to individual researchers.

$5.00 rush fee.
Clearly indicate RUSH REQUEST and DATE NEEDED. We cannot guarantee the exact date of arrival.

When requesting a rush, please supply your Federal Express account number.

Scanning Service

Charge information:

  • $20.00 1-25 exposures
  • $5.00 each additional 1-10 exposures.

Scans can be delivered via:

  • Odyssey
  • OCLC Article Exchange
  • PDF via e-mail.
  • All scans are supplied electronically.

Rush Requests:

  • $5.00 additional rush fee
  • Please clearly indicate "rush request" and the date needed. We cannot furnish the exact date of arrival.

Copy requests lacking statement of copyright compliance (CCG or CCL) will be returned unsearched.

Special Orders

For special orders of reproductions of material in the general Cornell collection, please contact Olin Interlibrary Services for further information. Estimates for purchase will be furnished upon request. See below for information regarding reproductions of Cornell theses and dissertations.

Masters Theses and Doctoral dissertations: Most are available to borrow, see lending policies above. Pre-June1954 dissertations are available for purchase. June 1954 to present are available from ProQuest only. Most masters theses are available for purchase. Contact the Cornell Library's Division of Rare and Manuscripts Collection to inquire about purchasing a reproduction of theses or dissertations.

Affidavit requests 

Cornell Library Interlibrary Services will provide an affidavit for material supplied from the Cornell collection under the following conditions:

The affidavit will establish that the provided reproductions are accurate copies of materials found in the Cornell University Library.

The requesting patron/library must inform Interlibrary Services at the point of request if an affidavit will be needed. Any request for an affidavit after the request has been fulfilled will require a new request for the material.

Material cannot be supplied electronically. All shipping costs must be paid by the requestor.

All requests must be marked "CCL" -- indicating the requestor complies with copyright law.

Each individual article request will require payment of $100 for the affidavit, in addition to the standard interlibrary loan fee (see above for fees.) Requests lacking sufficient maximum cost will be returned unsearched.

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