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“Europe in the World” Competition Rules & Procedures

Competition Rules

1. The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the Cornell University Ithaca campus (including students in good standing on study or semester leave abroad).

2. Undergraduate and graduate student entries will be judged separately, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes awarded in each group.

3. Entries must be original work.

4. Each contestant may submit only one entry.

5. Entries must be relevant to the project theme.

6. Collaborative projects may be submitted. However, there may be no more than three authors who must be either undergraduate or graduate students. No mixed authorship is permitted. Further, projects that involve collaboration with one or more faculty members should not be entered.

7. If a collaborative entry wins, the prize money will be divided among the authors/collaborators.

8. Entries in any format will be accepted; however, works utilizing digital or mixed media are encouraged. 

9.There are no restrictions regarding the size of each entry. Because of limitations in the size of the library’s display cases, a photograph/poster representing a particularly large entry may be displayed if it does not fit. Contestants planning to submit a large-size entry, should contact us. 

10. Entries will be judged on their creativity, substance and scope, scholarship and treatment of theme.

11. Judges for the competition will be selected and announced at the time of the event in April 2013. Judging will be blind – the judges will only see the entry number and no contestant name.

12. Contestants must register by February 11, 2013. All entries must be received by 5pm on February 18, 2013in order to be considered. Contestants are responsible for registering their entry and delivering it either electronically or in person. They are also responsible for retrieving their physical entries after the exhibition closes in Fall 2013.

13. Each entry must be accompanied by a 250-500 word scholar/creator’s statement with bibliography. The statement must state clearly how the entry relates to the project theme: the cultural or social expression of identity, community, or relationship in Europe, including European migration or immigration.

14. The exhibition will include most entries, but selection for exhibiting will be at the organizers’ discretion.