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Faculty Research Space Policies

Please note: Events held in Kroch Library or the Division of Rare and Manuscripts may, at times, cause some disruptive noise. Whenever possible, we will notify faculty research space holders via email in advance of when this is expected to occur.


  • All members of the University Faculty, including lecturers, instructors, as well as visiting faculty and scholars are eligible to apply for faculty research space in Olin and Kroch Library.
  • Research Space is assigned on the basis of availability and the following priorities:
    • First priority: University Faculty holding professorial appointments
    • Second priority: University Faculty having visiting professional appointments or ex officio membership
    • Third priority: University’s teaching and research faculty and staff.
    • Fourth priority: Visiting scholars holding non-professorial appointments at Cornell.
  • Research Space will be assigned only for specific research projects that require heavy use of Olin or Kroch library materials which cannot, or can only with difficulty, be used away from the Library.
  • The existence of faculty research space does not relieve individual academic departments of their responsibility for providing faculty members with adequate office facilities. Library research space is provided for specific research projects only and may not be used as adjunct office or conference space.


  • Application for research space must be made via the online form or by e-mailing A waiting list of applicants is always maintained.
  • Two types of research space assignments are available in Olin and Kroch Libraries:
    • Regular Term:
      • Assignments are provided to meet the need for heavy and extended use of the collections in the library.
      • Regular Term assignments are made for a period of one year and may be renewed annually, contingent upon continued need and use of the research space.
    • Short Term:
      • Assignments are provided to meet the need for heavy but briefer use of the library collections.
      • Short Term assignments are made for a period of one year or less and are non-renewable.
      • Research space assigned on this basis must be vacated at the end of the originally agreed upon period.
      • The Library will set aside a few research spaces for short-term use.
  • Research space will most commonly be shared. Joint applications are encouraged.
  • Research space is assigned to specific individuals and is for the sole use of those to whom it is formally assigned. It may not be shared informally with colleagues, students, or research associates of the assignee.
  • Each faculty member assigned research space will be issued an individual, non-transferable key upon receipt of a one-time non-refundable fee of $30.


  • Short Term assignments may be renewed depending on availability.
  • Regular Term assignees wanting to renew their studies must file a written application for renewal at the beginning of each Fall Semester. Renewal is contingent upon continued need and use of the research space. Failure to reply to a renewal request in a timely manner will be considered an indication that the space is no longer needed and is available for re-assignment.  Any personal materials left with be returned to the researcher’s department.

The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items left in your research space.