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Literary Reviews and Essays

Review of Mama Amazonica by Pascale Petit. Manhattan Review, 18:2 Fall/Winter 2018-19, online only.

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Short Literary Reviews in Library Journal, 2001-2018:

Review of bury it by Sam Sax, October 15, 2018, p63.

Review of Lake Michigan by Daniel Borzutsky, July 2018, p76.

Review of Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance by Fady Joudah, May 15, 2018, p59.

Review of Brown by Kevin Young, April 15, 2018, p.79.

Review of Wade in the Water by Tracy K. Smith, February 15, 2018, p68-9.

Review of Wonderland by Matthew Dickman, January 2018, p102.

Review of All We Saw by Anne Michaels, November 1, 2017, p83.

Review of Advice from the Lights by Stephen Burt, September 1, 2017, p.121.

Review of Distant Mandate by Ange Mlinko, June 15, 2017, p90.

Review of Together and By Ourselves by Alex Dimitrov, April 15, 2017, p87.

Review of Some Say by Maureen N. McLane, March 15, 2017, p122.

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Review of Against Sunset by Stanley Plumly. October 1, 2016, p85-6.

Review of The Last Shift by Philip Levine. September 15, 2016, p90-1.

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Review of Waiting for the Past by Les Murray. January 2016, p110.

Review of Syllabus of Errors by Troy Jollimore. Nov. 1, 2015, p89-90.

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Review of Breezeway by John Ashbery. April 1, 2015, p97.

Review of Far-Fetched by Devin Johnston. February 15, 2015, p106.

Review of The Collected Poems of James Laughlin. Dec. 2014, p107.

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Review of Belmont by Stephen Burt. June 1, 2013, p112-3.

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Review of The Best of the Best American Poetry: 25th Anniversary Edition, edited by Robert Pinsky. Feb. 1, 2013, p70.

Review of Charms Against Lightning by James Arthur. October 15, 2012, p81.

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Review of Ordinary People by Albert Goldbarth. December 2011, p124.

Review of The City, Our City by Wayne Miller. November 1, 2011, p77-8.

Review of Tres by Roberto Bolaño. October 15, 2011, p85.

Review of Vanishing-Line by Jeffrey Yang. August 2011, p104.

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Review of Water Puppets by Quan Barry. July 2011, p84.

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Review of Rhode Island Notebook by Gabriel Gudding. January 15, 2008, p

Review of Backwards Days by Stuart Dischell. November 1, 2007, p.72.

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Review of How to Be Perfect by Ron Padgett. September 15, 2007, p64.

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Review of The Biplane Houses by Les Murray. August 2007, p91.

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     Writing Through: Translations and Variations by Jerome Rothenberg. July 2004, p86.

Review of Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting To Cross by Mark Yakich. June 1, 2004, p144.

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Poems in Journals

More than 175 poems published in approximately 120 literary journals since 1975, including:

Poetry Northwest (Summer/Fall, 2017), Stone Canoe (#11, 2017), Barrow Street (Winter 2016/2017), Volt (v21, 2016), Inch (n30, Winter 2016), Manhattan Review (17:1 Fall/Winter 2015-16), Hanging Loose (#105, 2015), NANO Fiction (v9 n1 2015), Miramar (#3, 2015), Duende (#2, 2015), Sentence (#10, 2013), Hotel Amerika (Spring 2013), Plume (#14, 2012), Iowa Review (Spring 2010), NANO Fiction (v3 n2, 2010), Sentence (#6, 2009),Boston Review(Nov./Dec. 2007); Electronic Poetry Review, (#8, 2008), Stone Canoe (#2, 2008), Swink (#3, 2007), POOL (#5, 2006), Verse (v20, n2&3, 2004), Poetry (May 2004), New American Writing (#21, 2003), Tarpaulin Sky (Winter 2003),Electronic Poetry Review (#3, 2002), Rattle (Winter 2002), Paragraph (Fall 2002), The Styles (#2, Summer 2002), LIT (#5, 2001); 6ix (v7/8 2001), 5_trope (March 2002), New American Writing (#17 1999),Matrix (Canada; #59 2001), Denver Quarterly (Summer 2000), River Styx (#62, 2002 and #54, 1999),The Cortland Review (#7, May 1999), The Prose Poem (Spring 1999), Poetry International(#2, 1998),Press (Spring 1997), Santa Barbara Review (Spring 1997, 1999), First Intensity (Spring 1998); ACM (#30, 1995), Denver Quarterly (v26 n4 Spring 1992 & Summer 1998), Jacaranda Review (v5 nl Win./Spr. 1991), The Formalist (v1 n2 1990), Northwest Review (v28 n2 1990), North Dakota Quarterly (v57 n4 Fall 1989), Talisman (#3, Fall 1989); Kansas Quarterly (v20 n3 Summer 1988), The Brooklyn Review (#5, 1988), Mudfish (#3, 1988), Poetry Northwest (Summer 1987;Autumn 1985), South Coast Poetry Journal (#3, Spring 1987;#2, Fall 1986), Mid-American Review (V6 nl 1986), The Spectator (U.K., Feb. 15, 1986; June 29, 1985), Tendril (#19/20 1985), The Literary Review (Winter 1984), CutBank (Spr./Sum. 1984), Quarterly West (Fall-Win. 1983/84), Montana Review (#4, 1983), many others. Also, a selection of work was featured in City Newspaper(Rochester, N.Y.), Jan. 21, 1988.

Selection of ten poems translated into Russian and published in the journal Orfeo (Moscow), #2, 2003, p29-36.

Fiction in Fiction International (#33, 2000 and #34 2001), Kalliope, Exquisite Corpse.

Non-Fiction in I Thought My Father Was God, and Other True Tales from NPR’s National Story Project. Edited by Paul Auster. (Holt, 2001). Reprinted in Across the Board, v39 n3, May/June 2002, p43-44.

Complete bibliography available on request.


Constance H. Saltonstall Foundation Grant in Poetry, 2000

Library Journal Special Citation for Poetry Reviewing, 1999

New York State Foundation on the Arts, Artists Fellowship in Poetry, 1990


Presentation: “Cornell’s Science Fiction Luminaries.” Olin Library, Cornell University, June 6. 2014.

Presentation: “Famous Cornell Writers (You Probably Never Heard Of),” Olin Library, Cornell University, June 8, 2012.

Presentation: “Writing Poetry in the Wake of Theory.” Sage Chapel, Cornell University, September 21, 2009.

Co-Curator, SOON Productions Poetry Reading Series, Ithaca NY

Contributor, Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL)

Participant, “A Tribute to A.R Ammons,” The New School University, New York City, 10/2/01

Poetry Foundation audio Poem of the Day (“Coda”), September 29, 2009

Poems chosen for Poetry Daily web site, 1996, 2007

Judge, Creative Writing Contest, Clinical Legal Education Association, 2000, 2001

Juror, Saltonstall Foundation Poetry Residencies, Summer 2000, 2004, 2007

Referee, Twentieth Century Literature (Hofstra University)

Quoted extensively in “New Voices, New Choices” by Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal, 4/1/98, p. 98-99.

Listed in Directory of American Poets & Fiction Writers, 1980 – date.

Listed in Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, and Poets. 1986/7, 1988, 1989, 1992/3 eds.

Listed in International Who’s Who in Poetry, 6th ed., 1982.


National Book Critics Circle

Poets & Writers


BA English Fairfield University

MA English/Creative Writing Syracuse University

MLS Information Studies Syracuse University

Also, 19 credit hours for courses in English, German & Italian from Cornell University, 1982-95.