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Europe in the World Frequently Asked Questions

May I submit several entries?

The competition is limited to one entry per person.

May I submit a term/grade project?

Yes, as long as it does not involve collaboration with the course instructor.

May I submit an entry that has been published?

Yes, as long as it satisfies the other terms and conditions.

May we submit a collaborative project?

Yes, but only if it is collaboration between two or more undergraduate students or two or more graduate students; in other words, not collaborative projects between undergraduate and graduate students. No more than three authors can participate in a collaborative entry, and one must be chosen to be the contact person. Further, all collaborators must be Cornell students. If a collaborative entry wins, the prize money will be divided among the authors/collaborators. Projects that involve collaboration with one or more faculty members should not be entered.

Do I need to ask for permission to use images?

It is not necessary to seek permission for entry and display of the work. However, the entry cannot be posted on the Internet or published if it includes copyright-protected or licensed materials for which you do not yourself hold or control copyright without securing permission from the copyright holder. For more detailed copyright information please contact the Cornell University Library Copyright Services or Cornell University Copyright Information Center.

Do I need to provide citations and what style is required?

Yes, you must credit any authors whose work you use. You can use the citation style that is the most appropriate for your area, but use one style consistently. For more information on how to cite other authors’ work, please click here. 

Is there anyone available to help me with the selection of a topic or advise me whether my topic qualifies?

Please use the information request form to schedule a meeting. 

How will the contest be judged?

The judges will be selected and announced at the time of the event in April 2013. Judging will be blind – the judges will only see the entry number and no name.

How about if I create a web site – is that permissible and how will it be exhibitied if I win?

Yes, you can enter with a web site. First you must obtain permission to use any images or other copyrighted or licensed material before displaying them on the site. We will exhibit your entry as a poster with URL prominently displayed.

I want to speak to a real person: is there any contact information (phone or e-mail)?

Please use the information request form to schedule an appointment.

Are there any restrictions regarding the size of 3D entries?

There are no restrictions. You can submit an entry of any size, but because of limitations in the size of our display cases, we may have to post a photograph/poster representing your entry if it does not fit. If you plan to submit a large-size entry, please contact us. 

May I enter the contest if I participate in the Study Abroad program and/or I am not on campus?

All Cornell students may participate as long as their status is active. Students on leave of absence may not participate. Contestants who are not on campus may only submit their entries electronically.

I plan to submit my entry electronically. What are the allowable formats?

You can submit your entry in any of the following formats: .doc, .docx, pdf, .jpg, .tiff, .png, bmp, .mp3, .mp4, .html, .mov, .avi, .zip,. If you plan to submit an entry in a format that is not mentioned here, please contact us. 

How will I know if I am a winner?

Please attend the Europe in the World celebration on April 1, 2013, when we will award prizes and open the exhibition.

Did not find an answer to your question?

Please contact us using the information request form.