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GIS Data & Maps: Canada

Please note that we only display selected links. We evaluate the sites regularly and will add new sites or remove existing ones based on our best judgment.


Canada Land Inventory– a comprehensive multi-disciplinary land inventory of rural Canada; over 1000 mapsheets (1:250,000 scale) are available on this site for on-line map making and download of desktop publishing, or GIS formats

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure– provides Canadians with on-demand access to geographic information (e.g. maps, satellite images) and related services and applications on-demand access to geographic information (e.g. maps, satellite images) and related services and applications

Canada – Historical Atlas of Canada Online – includes conventional text and image pages with the main focus on interactive maps

Canadian Hydrographic Service – provides access to official marine navigation charts and nautical publications

Canada – The Atlas of Canada Online– a comprehensive collection of maps and related information about Canada at the national level

Canadian Soil Information System – source of GIS products as well as database management and custom mapping services for the Canadian Land Resource Network

GeoGratis – portal by the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada, which provides geospatial data at no cost. The collections include raster data, such as satellite images or scanned topographic maps, vector data, such as national-scale frameworks (grouped by theme), and a database of ground control points.

Statistics Canada – the Canada Census geography covers a wide range of geographic areas – from provinces and territories down to city blocks. Available data includes the 2011 Census as well as Census 2006, 2001, and 1996 as archived data.


British Columbia

B.C. Base Mapping & Geomatic Services – base maps and georeferencing data provided by the B.C. Integrated Land Management Bureau

B.C. Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management – various GIS datasets are available for download

MapPlace – provides access to the maps and databases of the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines


Agri-Maps– data on Manitoba’s geography and resources, and current aerial photography

Manitoba – Industry, Economic Development; Mines – maps of mineral dispositions and assessment; geophysical maps and datasets; petroleum maps of Southwestern Manitoba

Manitoba Land Initiative– the source for geospatial information from the Government of Manitoba; allows online access to the MLI corporate land data warehouse

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia -GeoNOVA Portal – the Province of Nova Scotia’s gateway to geographic information about Nova Scotia; various maps are available for download


Quebec – Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec — the “Maps and Plans” digital collection is available only in French and contains items from the days of New France to today

Quebec – city of Montreal– a City of Montreal portal providing maps of Montreal’s 19 boroughs.

Montreal maps online (from McGill University) – maps of Montreal (French and English)