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Olin & Uris Libraries

Olin: Open until Midnight
Uris: Open until 11pm

Micrographic Collections & Equipment

The micrographic collections—microfiche, microfilm and microprint—are located in the Olin Library Lower Level stacks, and microform viewers are housed outside the Map & Geospatial Information collection, along with two 8 1/2 x 11 networked scanners.

The micrographic equipment is located in Room B12 in the Lower Level of Olin Library and is maintained by the Map Collection staff. The machines support all formats found in the collection (microfilm, microfiche, microprint/cards). Users have the options of scanning/saving or printing the documents they are viewing.

Micrographic Equipment List

Minolta MS 6000

Minolta MS 6000 – four machines available. The machine allows the user to read on screen, print on paper, or scan to PC. The Minolta MS6000 allows for dual output, to switch from PC scanning to high-speed laser printing at the touch of a button. Microfilm and microfiche reading/printing/scanning capabilities; no micro card recognition. Only Net-Print printing available.

ST ViewScan

ST ViewScan – two machines available. The machine offers an intuitive Windows desktop application look and the convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, capture, and output. It combines industry-standard motorized roll film carriers with a small camera design and new technology. All-format capabilities. Only Net-Print printing available.