Cornell Catalog Connection Script

Cornell Catalog Connection Script

EndNote typically comes with the ability to directly connect to the Cornell Catalog. (In newer versions of EndNote, it should be under the "tools" tab at the top. Choose "connect," then "connect..." again, then select Cornell U from the list). If Cornell is not listed, you'll need to download the connection script: . Even if it is included, you might want to use our customized connection script instead which provides greater functionality. More detailed information about differences (including settings you might need to make) can be found at:

Download the connection script by right-clicking and choosing "save as..." Then find the EndNote program on your computer, then open your connections folder and save it there. Don't rename the file or change the *.enz extension.
Safari browser users: Safari does not recognize the EndNote filetypes of .enz (for connection files) and .enf (for import filters) unless you click on the link while holding down the shift & ctrl keys, then select "save it to a file."

To use the connection script with EndNote, in newer versions, it will now be under the "tools" tab at the top. Choose "connect," then "connect.." again, and select cornellv from the long list of options.

Connection settings:

If you download and use the Cornell catalog connection script (CornellV_7_27_04.enz, downloadable from, you won't need to adjust settings. If you need to check settings: IP address is or better yet change the connection setting to the domain name address: which will stay the same even if the IP address changes in the future.

More information about connection script settings and Z39.50 is available at:

August 20, 2004

Virginia Cole

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