Instructions for the Catalog Filter

Using a filter to import records from the Cornell Library Catalog

Advantages of filter over direct connection: Using a filter will allow you to capture Cornell call numbers (remember the direct connection does not usually include Cornell call numbers). It will also allow you to make use of the Bookbag (by saving records in your Bookbag as text files). Also, after you've done the text editing required to import using the filter, you'll typically have cleaner records/references in your EndNote library.

Disadvantages of filter over direct connection: Requires more steps so it's not as quick and easy. Records in the Cornell Catalog are complex and often inconsistent, which means that the filter will not work perfectly and you'll need to do some fixing of the records. This filter should work very well about 95% of the time.

To use the filter:

1. Download the filter into your EndNote filters folder.

2. In the catalog, save records as text files (making sure you'll be able to find the files later). Edit the file as necessary (see below).Close the text file.

3. In EndNote, open a library, use Import under the File menu, choose the text file and the filter (CornVoy2.enf) and import.

Special instructions for editing a text file in preparation for importing

Description field in the online catalog record:

If the "Description" field contains information about both the edition and the pages rearrange the entry to look like this:
edition : pages
2nd ed. : 273 p.
2nd ed., rev. : ii, 367 p.
3rd ed. rev and expanded : 427 p.
Erase (or move them to the notes field) extraneous descriptive information such as "color plates" "illus," etc. Note that if the Description field just contains either edition or pages alone, it won't need editing as long as that information comes first.

Title: Handbook of research on educational communications and technology / edited by David H. Jonassen.

<--------add this line by hand, see below> Primary Material: Electronic Sources

Published: Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004.

Description: 2nd ed. <----change to: 2nd ed. : 1210 p.>

xiv, 1210 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. <----delete or move to notes field>

Electronic Access:

Location: Mann Library

Second Location field in the online catalog record:

If there's a second location, and you want that information retained in EndNote, create a "Second Loc:" field tag and rearrange the information in this order:
Second Loc: location call number
Change this (if it's the second location):
Location: Uris Library Reference
Call Number: DS435.3 X25
Second Loc: Uris Library Reference DS435.3 X25
Make sure to delete the redundant "Location" and "Call Number" tags.

Primary Material Type:
For material other than books, the filter needs to know the Primary Material type in order to transfer the record into the appropriate reference type in EndNote. Both the tag and the type have to be added to the record by hand. The order of tags doesn't matter. Although this may seem labor intensive, there are some real advantages in adding the specific primary material type. So, for example, adding the primary material type to this record ensures that the editor is identified as such in EndNote (and in your bibliography):

Title: Becoming a digital library / edited by Susan J. Barnes.

Primary Material: Edited Book <----------add this line by hand>

Published: New York : Marcel Dekker, c2004.

Description: xx, 234 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Location: Mann Library

Call Number: Z733.A33 B43x 2004

Here are the available primary material types:

Audiovisual Materials
Conference Proceedings
Electronic Sources (URLs in the text file must be closed up by hand; no spaces after a carriage return)
Edited Books


Long descriptions of editorial involvement must be edited:
"edited with introduction, notes and glossary by" should become "edited by"

In the series note, the spacing must be: Series Name ; volume (this information is very erratic in the catalog). Example:

Author/Creator: Glück, Louise, 1943-

Title: Descending figure / Louise Glück.

Published: New York : Ecco Press, [1980]

Description: 48 p. ; 22 cm.

Series: American poetry series. 20 <----This must be changed to American poetry series ; 20>

ISBN: 0912946717 :

Location: Uris Library

Call Number: PS3557.L45 D4

Also, edit out complex publisher statements such as:
"Oxford: Oxford University Press; distributed in the United States solely by BlackEye Press, 1978" should become "Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978"


The filter is very much a work in progress and can only be improved by your participation. Please e-mail ( to inform us of features you'd like to see, or noting parts of the filter that aren't working the way you want or expect.


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