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Uris Library Classroom

The Uris Library Classroom is the result of a cooperative venture between the Olin & Uris Libraries and the Academic Technology Centers. The use of the facility is limited to general public computing and classes and workshops offered by Olin & Uris staff. For information about hours of service and hardware availability please see the Uris Library listing on CIT's Computer Lab web page.

The classroom, which is located on the Gallery Level of Uris Library, features a horseshoe-shaped design with each of the 24 computer monitors facing the center of the room. This layout allows the instructor to easily see each student's computer screen in order to monitor their progress.


  1. Devin Sanera, phone: 4-2999, e-mail: ds895
  2. Tony Cosgrave, phone: 5-7148, e-mail: ajc5
  3. Alan Heiman, (CIT) phone: 5-9526, email: arh11

04/09/2014 - 7:11pm - ds895