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Uris Library Study Space - View Map of Uris Library

A variety of study spaces are available in Uris Library including:

Dean Room on the Main Floor of Uris Library, provides study space along with computer use, Circulation Services, the Reference Collection and Cornelliana Collection.

Reserve reading room, located off the Dean Room on the Main Floor provides quiet study space.

Kirby Room, located off the Gallery Level, provides quiet study space.

Austen Room, located on the Gallery Level, one flight down from the entrance to Uris Library provides computer use and collaborative study space.

Cocktail Lounge, located in the underground addition [enter from the Gallery Level, though the Austen Room and down the spiral staircase], provides study space and group study rooms.

Fiske Room (aka the Fishbowl) located on the 2nd floor [enter from the Gallery Level stairs] provides study space with some computer access.

White Library, located up the staircase from the Uris Library entrance, provides quiet study space.

Kinkeldey Room, located on the 3rd floor [enter through the 3rd floor book stacks or through the White Library], provides quiet study space.


In Uris Library, students who are working on a Senior Honors Thesis are eligible for a carrel. In Uris, items are charged to the user's personal ID and stored in lockers above the carrels. All normal circulation policies apply.

Group study room

3 group study rooms are available, located in the Cocktail Lounge, on a first-come first-served basis.


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