Introduction to Powerpoint

Introduction to Powerpoint


  1. Presentation Considerations
    • Presentation types -- interview, presentation at conference, informal report, sales pitch
    • Duration of presentation -- sole speaker, group presentation, presentation order?
    • Size and conditions of the room
    • Visual impact -- how colorful?
    • Sound -- how appropriate?
    • Animation -- too sensational?
    • Audience expectation (medievalists vs. communications design)
  2. Powerpoint Basics
  3. Review of Design Templates & software basics
    1. Template choice
    2. Page Layout Options
    3. Text
      1. how much text?
    4. Viewing your slideshow - different modes
    5. PowerPoint Don'ts from Don McMillan:

    First Hands-On Session

  4. Demo Presentation
  5. Using Images and Sound
    1. Copying and pasting an image from the Web
    2. Powerpoint clip art
    3. Custom images
    4. Charts
    5. Animation commands
    6. Powerpoint sounds
    7. Video and Audio files
  6. Using the Master Slide for layout

    Second Hands-On Session

  7. Saving your presentation and posting to Web

Links to online help

The PowerPoint Debate

There is ongoing heated debate on the usefulness of presentation software such as PowerPoint in presentations and on the web.

Edward Tufte wrote a 28 page essay called The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint which is currently being debated. His main points are captured in the essay "PowerPoint is Evil"

PowerPoint guru Cliff Atkinson defends PowerPoint but points out the weaknesses in how it is currently used on his site, Sociable Media:

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