Government Publications on Microcard/Microfiche

Directions for locating a hearing in the Readex microcard/microfiche of U.S. Government publications:

Microcard 1956 - 1980: Currently housed in the Olin B Level Vault. Labeled U.S. Government Publications. Divided into Depository and Nondepository sections.

Microfiche: 1981 - 2008 (cancelled in 2008) Currently housed in the Microforms section of the Media Center. Labeled U.S. Government Publications. Divided into Depository and Nondepository sections.

The only way to locate items on the Readex microfiche and microcard sets is by using the print volumes of the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (Olin Reference Z 1223 .A18)

Once you locate the entry, look for the entry number in the left hand column. This entry number corresponds to the fiche, or microcard, number.

Example: Student views toward United States policy in southeast Asia, hearings before Ad Hoc Committee of Members of House of Representatives, 91st Congress, 2d session, May 21 and 22, 1970.

Use the Monthly Catalog (Ref Z 1223 .A18). Start with the year of the published hearings and look through the title index at the end of the volume. You may need to look a few years into the future.

The entry for this hearing appears in the October, 1970 issue of the catalog.. In the example below, 13517 is the entry number. The black, filled-in dot (next to Item 1017) indicates that this will be in the depository collection. Ignore the other numbers you see on the entry. The only information that matters, as far as finding this in the fiche or microcard, is the entry number (far left) and the filled-in dot, or no-dot (depository or non-depository, respectively).


Since this entry is from 1970, you will need to check the microcard collection (Microcard covers 1956-1980), shelved in the Lower Level vault. Look for the boxes labeled United States Government Publications, (Depository).


A close-up of the label.


Note that the date is October, 1970. This is the date the entry appeared in the Monthly Catalog, not the date of the hearings.

Note: There is a special reader in the Media Center for viewing and scanning these microcards.


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