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Olin & Uris Libraries

Olin: Open until Midnight
Uris: Open until 11pm


Primary Sources


Cornell Alumni News Available through Cornell University’s eCommons@Cornell . Searchable through Google: Search on the phrase (in quotation marks) “Cornell Alumni News” and [enter your own keywords].

See especially: January 1963 edition, Cover Story: “Second Youth for a Library.”

Cornell Daily Sun [Keith R. Johnson, Class of 1956, Digital Archive]. See especially: Issues for August 1960 through June 1962. The February 10, 1961 issue was devoted to the new John M. Olin Research Library. The October 10, 1962 issue covered the dedication of Olin and Uris Libraries, and included Mario Einaudi’s encomium for Olin, “Our Biggest Day.”

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Secondary Sources

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Web Sources

Historic photographs of the Cornell University campus, from the Cornell University Archives, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

Cornell University Photography

Cornell University: A Research Guide