Olin Mac 4 PC 10
Uris Mac 4 PC 10

Quiet & Group Study Spaces

Quiet Study Spaces in Olin & Uris

Areas where conversation should be kept brief and at low volume

Olin Quiet Study Spaces (view directory)

  • Main floor Reference area – computers and study tables with Ethernet connections
  • Current Periodicals and Newspapers Reading Room
  • Additional study tables and seating areas on basement level
  • 3rd floor reading rooms: 301, 304, 305
  • 4th floor reading rooms: 401, 405
  • 6th floor reading rooms: 601, 602

Uris Quiet Study Spaces  (view directory)

  • A.D. White Library (upstairs from the main entrance)
  • Dean Room (main floor near circulation)
  • Willis Reading Room (main floor off the Dean Room)
  • Uris Stacks Tower (off the main floor Dean Room or Gallery Level)
  • Kinkeldey Room (3rd floor of the stacks tower, or enter via the A.D. White Library)

Group Study Spaces in Olin & Uris

Areas where group discussion at a reasonable volume is acceptable (view Olin directory, Uris directory)