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Oversize Books

Call numbers A - P are held at Olin Library.

Books taller than 25 cm. are shelved in separate areas on each level. These "oversize" books are designated by a single plus sign (+) or double-plus signs (++) appended to the Library call number.

Oversize Info

Regular size books can be found in shelf ranges marked with WHITE signs.

Single-plus books can be found in shelf ranges marked with PINK signs.

Double-plus books can be found in shelf ranges marked with GREEN signs.


Call numbers Q - QA 8
Theses & Projects

Level 3B (Lower Level)

Call numbers QA 9 - R 704
Oversize Q+, Q++

Level 2B (Lower Level)

Call numbers R 705 - TA 646
Oversize R+, R++
Oversize S+, S++

Level B (Lower Level)

Computer Labs
Kirby Room
Fiske Room (a.k.a. "The Fishbowl")
Austen Room (& stairs to Cocktail Lounge)

Gallery Level

Call numbers TA 647 - U 133
Oversize T+, T++
Media Viewing Stations (DVD, VHS)

Level 1 (Main Floor)

Circulation Desk and Course Reserves
Media collection (DVDs)

Dean Room (Main Floor)

Cornelliana Collection
Willis Room Reserves
Reference Materials

Willis Room (Main Floor)

Call numbers U 134 - V
Oversize V+, V++
Periodicals Z - Z1034

Level 2

Periodicals Z 1035 - ZA
Oversize Periodicals +Z - +Z 2339
Kinkeldey Room
Tower Lounge & Vending Machines

Level 3

Oversize Periodicals +Z 2340 - +ZA
Oversize Z++

Level 4

Call numbers Z 4 - Z 2794

A.D. White Tier 1

Call numbers Z 2831 - ZA 5075

A.D. White Tier 2

Oversize Z+

A.D. White Tier 3


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