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Stacks Management

Stacks Management

The Stacks Management Department is responsible for the maintenance of the stacks and the serials collections in Olin, Uris, and Kroch Libraries.

Our mission is to honor the present while embracing the future. We do this by providing enhanced access to all the physical collection materials available to our patrons in a timely manner. We fine-tune our service by aligned activity based on user needs studies, space allocation and organization using inventory and measurement aids, on-line record updates, and preservation monitoring. We also provide a presence in the stacks, help keep the buildings open, and act as the pivotal lynchpin for special projects across CUL. Some of these projects include measuring the available shelf space in CUL libraries, offsite transfers and tracing related to retrospective barcoding, and major shifts and moves.

Stacks Maintenance

Each day, we receive and shelve new acquisitions, circulation returns, and browsed material. Our turnaround time from receipt to shelf is twenty-four hours. We also trace missing items and are constantly shifting and moving materials. This keeps the stacks neat and orderly, thereby providing a scholarly environment for research. We do this on the twenty-two floors that house the millions of books and other formats in Olin, Kroch Asia and Uris Libraries. Some specialty areas we service include the New and Noteworthy bookshelves, special collections in the Graduate Study Rooms, and the Reference Collection. During shelving, staff members are observant of call number inaccuracies, items suitable for scrutiny by the Rare Book Department staff, items needing conservation treatment, guide card, and range label changes.


Serials Maintenance

We shelve and shift serial titles in the stacks and create and update online records for serial titles in Olin, Kroch Asia, and Uris Libraries. We send items pulled from the stacks for conservation treatment. This includes sending material for commercial binding, in-house pamphlet binding, stiffening, photo duplication of missing pages and articles, and recycling items replaced by other formats. We resolve or refer record problems on a regular basis to Access Services, Library Technical Services, Reference, and Conservation. Staff members create greyboards for current material, back issues awaiting a claimed issue, newsprint, and unbindable material.

The showcase of the Serials unit is the Current Periodicals and Newspapers Reading Room (Olin Library 101), which we maintain as a quiet research area. It contains selected titles that represent the most popular scholarly titles of the Olin and Uris Library Collection