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Uris Library Undergraduate and Graduate Carrel Policies


Only currently registered Cornell University graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. Existing carrel holders who become unregistered must give up their carrel.


There is no fee for a Uris carrel.


Complete and submit an application form at any time.

Applications are considered in the order they have been received. Carrel assignments are made subject to availability.

Students will receive an email notification when the carrel assignment is ready.

New Assignments must be picked at the Olin Library circulation desk during normal operating hours. Students have one week to pick up their assignment.

Maintaining Your Carrel

  • We cannot guarantee the safety of personal items left in carrels.
  • Please be advised that there is no policy barring other patrons from sitting at your open or classics carrel when you are not there. For the protection of your materials, when not using your carrel, please keep the desktop and windowsill area in order and free of loose papers.

Rules for Uris Carrels:

  • NOT ALLOWED: smoking, vaping, cell phone use, group study, leaving valuables in plain view, uncharged library materials, periodicals and reference material.
  • ALLOWED: drinks with approved lids, books from any library, personal books and other items. However, all materials should be stored in lockers above the carrel.


  • Renewal reminders are delivered to carrel holders by email prior to the start of each semester.
  • Carrels must be renewed IN PERSON every Fall and Spring Semester to allow uninterrupted use of the carrel. Students must visit the Olin Library circulation desk during normal operating hours sign to renew.

Clearing Your Carrel

  • Carrels that are not renewed will be cleared. All library books are sent back to the stacks and any personal items found at the carrel are taken to 116 Olin Library’s Lost and Found.
  • Use the Clear My Carrel form to request that your carrel is cleared after a specific time.
  • Keys for Uris Library Locked Carrels must be returned to the Olin Library circulation desk upon clearing personal items from the carrel.
  • Students who are no longer registered must clear their Carrel.

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