Course Reserves Media Digitization Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: Each form submission is valid for the current course and semester only; a new form must be submitted for each item, each semester that the item will be used.

Any Cornell instructor may use this form to request streaming media for use with Canvas. In order for students to access e-reserve media, the instructor must first create a Canvas site via Faculty Center. If you have any additional questions about this form or about streaming media reserves, please contact us at


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DMCA Exemption
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes it unlawful to circumvent access control measures used on DVDs regardless of the copyright status of the work, but an exemption to this Act is available if all of the following conditions are satisfied.
By submitting this form I affirm that my usage of the digitized content meets both copyright requirements and all necessary conditions for exemption from DMCA restrictions. I understand that this form is valid for the current course and semester only and I must submit a new form each semester that the media will be used.