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Map Collection

The Map & Geospatial Information Collection houses a geographically comprehensive collection of over contains over 300,000 paper maps, and 1,000 books and atlases, and many other related research materials.

The Collection is a full depository library for federal government maps and digital spatial data. This core historic collection is supplemented by detailed international topographic mapping, historic and modern city plans, nautical charts of the world's oceans and seas, geological maps, reproductions of rare or historic maps, aerial photographs, and globes.

Equipment for our users includes workstations with GIS software, and two 12" x 18" color scanners.  Staff are available to help scan larger items using one of our large-size (42") color scanners.  An oversize color plotter is available at Mann Library. Oversize color digitizing is available at DCAPS. For further information about our collections and services, please contact us.