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Media Collection

The Uris Library Dean Room houses the combined videodisc collections (DVDs, Blu-rays, and Laserdiscs) for Uris, Olin, and Kroch Asia Libraries. DVD and Blu-ray players as well as VCRs and audiocassette players are also available for viewing in-house. Audio discs may be found in the Olin, Uris, and Kroch stacks, along with the book and serials collections. Analog media is housed at the Library Annex and may be requested via the library catalog.

Media Classroom Reservations and Media Requests

To request the use of the Olin Media Classroom (instructors only) or to reserve a DVD or VHS to be used for a class, contact Olin & Uris Reserves at or call 255-1882. For more information, see the Olin Media Classroom & Reservations page.