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Olin and Uris Digital Sign Guidelines

The purpose of the digital signs in Olin and Uris libraries is to promote Cornell University Library’s services, collections, priorities, and activities to the Cornell community.

Non-library content supporting the Library’s or the University’s current priorities can also be selected as staff time and playlists allow. Priority is given to content that has joint library sponsorship, aligns with library priorities, or supports the Cornell community’s safety and well being.

What do I need to do to display my bulletin in Olin/Uris?

The Cornell community can submit bulletins to The Library reserves the right to not post signs based on messaging priorities, subject matter, format, design quality, time constraints, or other reasons. Please give us as much advance notice as possible.

Send a high-resolution JPEG (.jpg) to It needs to be landscape orientation: 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide.

Design requirements

Imagine you are seeing your sign for the first time ever, in passing, out of the corner of your eye. Would it grab your attention and make you look? What would you take from it if you only had 3 seconds to see it?

Effective bulletins:

  • Have few elements (photo, illustration, words)
  • Display simple, spare text against a clean background
  • Focus on one idea only
  • Emphasize the most important thing
  • Feature one clear image
  • Omit the obvious (for example, the year or “http://www” )

Successful examples: