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Outreach Programs

The department of Research & Learning Services outreach program consists of an extensive and active range of activities. These include close collaborations with faculty and graduate students and initiatives aimed at the undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences departments and programs we serve. Our goal is to effectively increase awareness of our services among Cornell faculty, students, and staff while also extending outreach efforts to local community groups and remote users.

Our outreach program encourages collaborative work among library staff and other university departments through the Library Liaison Program, which connects Cornell’s academic departments and programs to the library through individual, designated librarians. Olin and Uris librarians support many of the humanities and social sciences departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and Architecture, Art and Planning. This program situates the library in university-wide initiatives and promotes awareness of library resources and services. We also reach patrons through digital reference, online instructional aides, and interactive research guides.

Outreach to Faculty

We focus our outreach to faculty by:

  • welcoming new faculty at the beginning of each academic year. All new faculty are invited to meet with a librarian liaison for their department or program
  • building on established ties with faculty members
  • forming new lines of communication with faculty members

Outreach to Academic Departments and Programs

Our outreach program connects academic departments with the library. Along with our regular instruction program, we offer a number of information sessions to various departments and programs.

Outreach to the Local Community

Our outreach program has strong ties with local community groups through instructional outreach initiatives. This includes both bringing community groups to campus and also representing the library in the community. In addition, we regularly work with local high school groups by offering tours and information sessions.

Outreach to Students

We offer a number of information sessions and tours at the beginning of each semester. These sessions are aimed at, and delivered to, a CU-wide audience. Orientation tours are also available throughout the semester as downloadable podcasts via the Walking Tours page.

Outreach to Alumni

Our alumni outreach program includes a number of workshops offered during Alumni Reunion weekend. We coordinate the Ask A Librarian component of the Alumni web site.