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Research & Learning Services

The Department of Research & Learning Services administers the reference and instruction services of Cornell's Olin and Uris libraries and primarily serves the College of Arts and Sciences. The department includes the Maps & Geospatial Department and is home to many of the subject selectors who build the Olin and Uris collections. All department members are active in outreach to various groups of library constituents. The Department of Research & Learning Services in Olin and Uris libraries is a unit of Cornell University Library's Research and Learning Services, which comprises seventeen unit libraries. Along with its core role in Olin and Uris libraries, the Department of Research & Learning Services also provides support for collection development, reference, instruction, and outreach activities throughout the Cornell University Library system.

Our Mission and Values

Research and Learning Services Staff

Susette Newberry, Department Head

Susette is Head of the Department of Research & Learning Services, Art Librarian, and the Library's grants officer for the humanities and social sciences. She provides reference and instruction in the humanities and social sciences in Olin and Uris Libraries, coordinates the Olin and Uris Libraries workshops program.

Telephone: 255-3927; E-mail:


Eliza Bettinger, Digital Humanities Librarian

Eliza coordinates reference, consulting, and instruction for digital approaches to scholarship across disciplines. She is Olin’s central point of contact for assistance with research activities such as text analysis, data visualization, geospatial analysis and mapping, image analysis, creation of interactive environments, and many more existing and emerging digital methods. She also teaches on digital literacy topics such as privacy. 

Telephone: 255-4042;


Howard Brentlinger, Collections Assistant, Map and Geospatial Information Collection

Howard does the preliminary cataloging for newly acquired maps, assists patrons in finding maps, and provides administrative support for the Map Room.  

Telephone: 255-7557; E-mail:

Peter Campbell, Reference Assistant

At the Olin Reference desk, Peter has been helping members of the Cornell community and visitors to the library with their general questions and research needs since 1991. He is also responsible for several areas in support of the department's ongoing operations.

Telephone: 254-7481; E-mail:

Virginia Cole, Reference and Digital Services Librarian and Selector

Virginia provides reference and instruction in a variety of humanities and social science disciplines. Her specialties include history and medieval studies, and information management technologies such as citation management. Virginia is also the selector for archaeology, classics, medieval studies, and United States, British and Commonwealth, and general European and global history.

Telephone: 255-5359; E-mail:

Tony Cosgrave, Reference and Instruction Librarian

Tony teaches course-related and credit-bearing library classes. He has been a reference librarian at Cornell since 1989. He is the liaison to the Philosophy and Psychology Departments, and selects materials on the subject of Higher Education.

Telephone: 255-7148; E-mail:

Michael Engle, Reference and Instruction Librarian; Reference and News Selector

Michael works with students and faculty at the reference desk, on chat reference, and via e-mail. He teaches research classes, selects and manages the reference collections in Olin and Uris Libraries, and coordinates the Electronic Text Center resources in Olin Library. Michael also teaches news workshops and purchases Anglo-American news sources for the library.

Telephone: 255-1884; E-mail:

Reanna Esmail, Outreach and Engagement Librarian

Reanna is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she received a Masters of Science in Library and Information Science. In addition to her MS, Reanna has a Masters degree in English from the Freie Universität Berlin, where she worked on cult film, post-humanism, and post-colonial studies. She received her Bachelors in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

Prior to her employment at Cornell, Reanna interned at the Corning Museum of Glass and held positions related to data management, office administration, customer service, and recruitment. As Outreach and Engagement Librarian, Reanna will be helping promote and create programs related to the first-year experience. She is particularly interested in facilitating the success of first-generation college students.

Telephone: 254-5176;

Heather Furnas, American Studies Librarian & Instruction Lead

Heather Furnas is the liaison to the American Studies Program and the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines. She provides integrated reference and instruction for all stages of the research and writing process. Heather has an academic background in 20th century American History, and teaches workshops in archival research methods and primary source management and citation. She is particularly interested in supporting graduate student learning, instruction, and success, and co-teaches Writing 2100: Delve Deeper: Research Methods in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

Telephone: 254-6224; E-mail:

Sarah How, European Studies Librarian

Sarah serves as liaison to the Romance Studies Department and to the Cornell Institute for European Studies and Einaudi Center.  She  is the subject librarian and selector for Western European social sciences and French and Italian language, literature, and history.  She has particular commitments to interdisciplinary digital resources, resources in European languages, and contemporary Western European studies. . 



Rob Kotaska , Reference Desk & Map Room Coordinator

Rob is responsible for patron service at the Olin Library Reference Desk & Map Room.  In addition to supporting the Olin-Uris Workshop series, Rob is very interested in expanding Cornell Library's outreach efforts both through his work at the service points, as well as through other emerging initiatives.

Telephone: 255-4292; E-mail:

Maureen Morris, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Liaison Services Lead

Maureen is a reference and instruction librarian and serves as the liaison to the Anthropology department and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program. She has selection responsibilities related to these fields and co-chairs the Database Review Committee which oversees funding of major electronic resources across the library system.

Telephone: 255-7455; E-mail:

Fred Muratori, Reference and Instruction Librarian; Selection Lead

A reference librarian in Olin since 1981, Fred is also the Bibliographer for Anglo-American and comparative literature and film, theater, and drama; Commonwealth literature and film; folklore; and Irish literature. His selection responsibilities reflect his academic background and interest in literature. He is a widely published poet and critic.

Telephone: 255-6662; E-mail:


Alexandra O’Neill , Reference Assistant

Alexandra assists library patrons at the reference desk. Prior to joining the Research and Learning Services, she worked as a late night Circulation Assistant in Uris and Olin Libraries. An alumna of Ithaca College, Alexandra has a history of customer and public service, including stints with the National Park Service and AmeriCorps.

Telephone: 254-7481; E-mail:


Devin Sanera, Instructional Technology Coordinator

Devin provides reference services and assists in supervising the Public Services Support Assistants in Olin Library. He manages the CL3 and B05 facilities in Uris Library, the Olin 106G classroom, and the Digital CoLab equipment in Olin 701. As a member of the Library's Makerspace Task Force, he provides support for the mannYOUfacture space in Mann Library, as well as providing computer programming consultation services in the Olin Digital CoLab. He also manages the computers in the Electronic Text Center,and the scanners in Olin Library, and the Net-Printers in Olin and Uris Libraries.

Telephone: 254-2999; E-mail:


Patrick J. Stevens, Bibliographer

Patrick is Curator of the Fiske Icelandic Collection and Selector for Old Norse-Icelandic Studies, Jewish Studies, Northern European Studies (Scandinavia, the Netherlands) and Religious Studies. He is also Managing Editor of the Islandica series and library liaison for the Jewish Studies Program. He is a member of both the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections and the Department of Research and Learning Services.

Telephone: 255-6462; E-mail:

Lynn Thitchener, Reference/Instruction Librarian

Lynn selects for Government (American Government, Comparative Government, International Relations and Political Theory), provides reference assistance and instruction in the humanities and social sciences, and  serves as the Government Documents Coordinator.

Telephone: 255-4985; E-mail: