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Map Exhibition Credits


This exhibition displays nine original maps and charts representing respectively the Middle Eastern, African, and Asia-Pacific theaters of war as well as the casualties in the Middle Eastern Theater of operations and the change in the Gross National Product of the two warring blocs. All of them were designed and created by Johannes Plambeck using the ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 software. Additional design was provided by Adeetje Bouma using Adobe Illustrator.

The statistical data represented in the display was researched and selected by Boris Michev from a variety of sources, including W. Van der Kloot’s World War I Fact Book, A Companion to World War I, edited by J. Horne, and the two-volume Chronicle of the First World War by Randal Gray.

As the principal curator, Boris Michev selected maps from the Olin Library Map collection presenting the Balkan and Middle Eastern theaters, and the aftermath of the war in the Pacific. Johannes Plambeck, Boris Michev, and Alberto Embriz-Salgado created the overall exhibit design.