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Olin & Uris Libraries

Olin: Closed
Uris: Closed

 Spaces in Olin & Uris Libraries

Olin & Uris Libraries are home to large and small study rooms, intended for for both quiet and group study, with wi-fi access throughout both buildings.

Olin is home to the Amit Bhatia Libe Café, a current  periodical reading room, a graduate and faculty reading suite, and numerous study rooms and carrels which can be found throughout the building.

In Uris, the historic and beautiful A.D. White Library offers comfortable seating in a 19th-century interior. Other spaces in Uris include classrooms available for teaching and the very popular “Cocktail Lounge” study space with panoramic views of Libe Slope, available for quiet and group study 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (a current Cornell ID card is needed for access after building hours).