When the Emperor was Divine: Credits

The Uris Library When the Emperor was Divine exhibition is the work of many hands and minds. Both the exhibition and installation were conceptualized and designed by Alberto Embriz-Salgado ’14, Student Designer-In-Residence for Olin and Uris Libraries, and executed in collaboration with library staff members.

Exhibition Design
Alberto Embriz-Salgado '14, Student Designer-in-Residence, Olin & Uris Libraries


Lenders to the Exhibition
Carla DeMello, Cornell University Library Graphic Designer
Sarah How, Research & Learning Services

Exhibition Coordination and Curation
Sarah How, European Studies Librarian
Boris Michev, Map and Geospatial Information Librarian
Susette Newberry, Assistant Dir., Research & Learning Services, Art Librarian

Maps Creation
Boris Michev, Map and Geospatial Information Librarian
Johannes Plambeck, Map and Geospatial Information Collection Graduate Assistant
Alberto Embriz-Salgado '14

Exhibition Preparation and Installation

Ada Albricht, Research & Learning Services
Ron Clarke, Library Facilities
Alberto Embriz-Salgado '14
Sarah How, Research & Learning Services
Phil Koons, Library Facilities
Boris Michev, Map and Geospatial Information 

 Susette Newberry, Research & Learning Services
Michael Raspuzzi, Jr. '16
Devin Sanera, Research & Learning Services
Adam Spry, Library Facilities
Daniel Torres '14
Jill Ulbricht, Olin & Uris Libraries Administration

Crane Folding, Stringing, Spacing & Lighting

Ada Albright
Amanda Bartley
Samuel Brensinger
Rachel Brill
Kaila Bussert
Taylor Butler
Felice Chan
Jenn Colt-Demaree
Darla Critchfield
Elizabeth Dryja
Casey Ebner
Alberto Embriz-Salgado
Caitlin Finlay
Andy Goldman
Katie Hiney
Sarah How
Steven Hughes
Chris Jensen
Liz Kluz
Rob Kotaska
Eden Lewis
Willow Lewis
Nicole Margirier
Titus Maritim

Carlie Mendoza
Linda Miller
Maureen Morris
Michelle Nair
Shaylyn Nair
Susette Newberry
Sarah Newman
Ashley Odai-Afotey
Aaron Oswald
Michael Raspuzzi, Jr.
Devin Sanera
Suzanne Schwartz
Bethany Silfer
Nancy Skipper
Pam Stansbury
Kornelia Tancheva
Lynn Thitchener
Joy Thomas
Daniel Torres
Moniek Van Rheenen
Melissa Wallace
Ardeen White
Wendy Wilcox
Johanna Williams